The Rock which comes from the acronyms “Revelation Of Christ the King,” has the following purpose in mind:

  1. Win the Lost at all Cost – preach the word, teach the word and live the word
  2. Train leaders to go out and win the Lost – converts members into leaders
  3. Show members the call of God upon their lives – there is no member without a ministry, bring out the best in our members
  4. Reveal the glorious God to every member (Know God for yourself)

It is the end time, the perilous time is here, there are wolfs in sheep clothing among us. There is a need for body of Christ to raise to the occasion and show the light of Christ in a dying world.

In the age of confusion, in the age of compromise, there is a need for a transparent knowledge of God to be revealed to his people, not a knowledge of the pastor or the leaders.

Some of our leaders promote themselves more than they promote Christ. Members have more knowledge of their leaders than they know about God the son; God the father and God the Holy Spirit.

John came and proclaimed the message of the Kingdom, Jesus came and expanded the message of the Kingdom. We need to preach on this foundation.

This is what Bethel World Outreach Church – The Rock is all about.