Daily Devotional

MARCH 15, 2024 “Draw Me Nearer”

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret.
Matthew 6:6, KJV   Recommended Reading: Psalm 119:17-24

Dick Eastman wrote a book about starting and maintaining a daily time of Bible study and prayer. He called the book The Hour That Changes the World. Eastman said he grew up singing the old hymn “Draw Me Nearer,” yet it wasn’t until his thirties he discovered the secret of spending an hour each day with the Lord in prayer, praise, Bible study, and biblical meditation.

When we get alone with God and open His Word, we’re entering a nuclear reactor, a treasury building, a communications center, a vast library, an illumined chamber, a music hall, and a dear friend’s house—all at once. All of that is in our “closet.”

If we want to walk according to God’s Word, we mustn’t pick and choose things from it but follow all of it, accepting it cover to cover. We must follow it exclusively, not change it or hold any other words as more valuable. We have a treasury of wisdom and comfort between the covers of our Bible. Don’t miss the hour that can change both you and the world!

When we neglect the closet of prayer we remove ourselves from the focus of God’s power.
Dick Eastman



Harvest Intercontinental Church Hagerstown, formerly called “Bethel The Rock” which comes from the acronym “Revelation Of Christ the King,”  Is part of Harvest Intercontinental Ministry Unlimited. Our Mission is:

  1. Win the Lost at all Costs – preach the word, teach the word, and live the word
  2. Train leaders to go out and win the Lost – converts members into leaders
  3. Show members the call of God upon their lives – there is no member without a ministry, bring out the best in our members
  4. Reveal the glorious God to every member (Know God for yourself)

It is the end time, the perilous time is here, and there are wolves in sheep’s clothing among us.

There is a need for the body of Christ to rise to the occasion and show the light of Christ in a dying world.

In the age of confusion, in the age of compromise, there is a need for a transparent knowledge of God to be revealed to his people, not a knowledge of the pastor or the leaders.

At Harvest Church, you are a member of a large family, you will be celebrated and you will know God for yourself.

John came and proclaimed the message of the Kingdom, and Jesus came and expanded the message of the Kingdom. We need to preach on this foundation.

This is what Harvest Intercontinental Church Hagerstown is.